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The Association was created in 1993 by the German director Jürgen Genuit, who studied at Bordeaux’s Academy of Drama. Théâtr’action tackles the issue of communication within our society, its main concern is our relationship with one another.

How can we cross the barriers of language, speech or thoughts in order to meet the other within his/her difference ?

Théâtr’action, which spreads German or French texts written by German authors, wishes to be a dynamic cultural association as well as a creator of artistic projects both daring and demanding.


Shows aimed at promoting German theatre and its authors in France...

Through its specific audience, the texts chosen and the plays staged, the company presents a different way of tackling drama.

Its artistic choices are driven by a strong will to discover an unusual kind of theatre and to ask every one of us this question: what would have you done if you were in his/her shoes?


During its artistic career, Théâtr'action has staged emblematic texts from German culture and has been interested in German theatre for young people. Its artistic projects have a European dimension and our theatrical company has also developed projects and activities around drama and bilingualism.


Spotlight on German texts :

- Dehors devant la Porte by W. Borchert

- Quartett by H. Müller

- Léonce et Léna by G. Büchner


Tabori cycle :

- Mein Kampf (farce)

- La Tueuse en série et ses amis

- Babylone blues


German theatre for young people and performances within the classroom :

- La Guerre de Klamm by Kaï Hensel

- Le Coeur d'un boxeur by Lutz Hübner

- Black-out by Lutz Hübner


A European dimension :

- Le Discours / die Rede inspired by the speech given by Charles de Gaulle on the 9th September 1962 at Ludwigsburg.

- “Freedom ! Equality ! Brotherhood ! And what if we remembered Europe… A Franco-German-Polish study adapted from the play Danton’s death, by Büchner”.


Social projects so that everybody can access culture...

Since its creation, the company Théâtr’action has developed socially aware projects and has always favoured artistic ideas which generate social cohesion and make integration, communication and relationships easier.

It rallies around projects which favour access to culture for everybody and involves different kind of publics within its own projects.

It takes part into different events which strengthen social values (Festival Voimavoi from 2001 to 2008 and Rencontres Hors jeu en Jeu organized by the French teaching league in 2009 and 2010).


In order to make rehabilitation, open-mindedness and the meeting of the other with his/her difference easier, Théâtr’action organizes artistic projects with :

  • Adults and children amateur stage actors

  • So-called “specific” publics :people suffering from mental pathologies, hearing problems, handicap, social exclusion or  isolation

  • Schoolchildren : primary schools, secondary Schools, sigh schools, universities


Our projects decompartmentalize the spheres of activity and generate social cohesion.

The company is regularly given the support of :

the Aquitaine’s Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs 

the Aquitaine’s Regional Council

the Gironde’s Departmental Council

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